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Third-Party Inspector 


Third Party Inspection (TPI) is a service provided by independent inspection agencies to certify compliance of purchased products or services to international standards, codes, customer technical specifications and requirements before, during, and after manufacturing.

Tiedan Engineering Oy is a third-party inspection company experienced in the field of TPI services in different fields with a focus on industrial equipment.

We are located in Espoo, Finland and provide TPI services to customers worldwide who intend to purchase industrial products from established industries in the Nordic region.

Product Checks

Product Checks and Inspections in the Nordic area

It is used by those having issues with goods located in the Nordic area. Our independent inspectors can go to any location in the Nordic region and conduct an independent verification of the goods and provide an independent report on the goods which have been inspected. Order this inspection and within 72 hours Tiedan's inspectors can call to the location anywhere in the Nordic area.


Pre-shipment inspections include both Quantity and Quality site inspections.

Pre-shipment inspection (PSI) is a crucial component of supply chain management, used to evaluate the quality of goods purchased by buyers from suppliers. It involves inspecting newly manufactured products before they are exported or imported to ensure they meet requirements for quantity, quality, specifications, and regulations. Various trade operators, including buyers, suppliers, and agencies, perform PSI by randomly sampling goods for testing.


Do you need a clear and detailed report of the current situation of your order by a neutral person

This type of inspection is carried out to monitor and prepare a report on the latest status of a customer's order. Our inspector goes to Nordic vendor locations and prepares a comprehensive visual and descriptive report of the customer's order.


ISO 9001 : 2015


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